The Guys' Guide to Oils: A Book You'll Actually Read About Essential Oils, Network Marketing, and Your Health- for Men (Books You’ll Actually Read 7)


Until just a few years ago, men were a rare commodity in essential oil world. Things have changed. Now, more than ever, men are everywhere.Wherever you are on your journey, The Guys’ Guide to Oils has you covered. We’ll take you on a 30,000 foot flyover of all things Young Living, empowering you to move from “zero to hero” in the essential oil world.Part 1 = This Thing Called Young Living. We’ll discuss the founder, the company, and its mission.


The company just entered its 25th year and is still growing- showing the foundation is strong and the future is bright. Part 2 = Essential Oils Are Nothing New. We’ll look back to discover where we see essential oils throughout history, and we’ll talk about how they work and what they do. Part 3 = About Those “Pyramid Things.” Since YL is a network marketing company, we’ll get raw about the good + the bad of MLMs. You’ll discover why the business model, though not perfect, is better.Part 4 = Little Steps for Big Results. We’ll outline seven things you can do right now to move forward, reaping instant results.Part 5 = Use It! You’ll learn our “Ten for Men,” the go to products for guys to use every single day. You’ll learn how to do so, too, without spending more money than you already budget each month!

The Guys' Guide to Oils

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