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The Feelings Kit from Young Living is something I use just about every single day. Sometimes I use it twice- in the morning AND at night, after the morning shower AND before I go to bed...


In fact, I've got a routine I use with it. After discussing the “what” and “why” of emotions I walk you through it.


In this book, too, I outline 3 simple steps (yes, they're EASIER said than done, for sure) that will empower you to allow your emotions to serve you RATHER THAN you being held hostage by them, yanked around by them...


Our emotions are gifts, things God gave us in order to help us understand what's happening around us and in us. In the same way that physical sensations such as pleasure and pain help us encounter the world, so also do emotional sensations (such as fear and joy).


And, no, Fear isn't a liar. It can serve you. And serve you well. As can all of your emotions. The “good” ones, the “bad” ones, and everything in between.

In fact, your total health will never rise above the level of your emotional wholeness. So, flip the page. Let’s get this one right and allow our emotions to empower us rather than enslave us!


92 pages

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