Healthy Hustle: Because Toil isn’t a Sustainable Life Plan (OilyApp+ Books You'll Actually Read) Book #4


Hustle. Everybody uses the word nowadays, tossing it out like candy on Halloween or cheap beads at Mardi Gras.But what does it REALLY mean? And how can we ACTUALLY DO IT? And, is there a way to do it and sustain everything else we’ve got going on in life…?.Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how you define hustle. And it really depends on WHY you’re hustling. If you’re not careful, it can turn into toil or noise or something worse.Take the drums in the pic as an example. No musician hustles on stage more than the drummer. They keep the rhythm, they physically push the limits, and they create MUSIC…But the music happens because of the moments of rest. No rest = all noise.


Rhythm only happens because of the beat of times ON and cadence of times OFF.Maybe we can learn a lot from the drummer. Maybe we can learn about this thing called hustle and bring some balance in…In this short book you’ll actually read we discuss the rhythm of creation (yeah, there really is one), we talk about the wrong reasons we toil, and we determine what healthy hustle looks like. And, in the end, we’ll outline ten of the best oils to use for optimal life balance.

Healthy Hustle

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