Health + Healing & Essential Oils: A Book You’ll Actually Read About the “Oils of Ancient Scripture”


In this book (and the videos) we talk about miracles and prayer and natural health- all in the same sitting. Some people think that to choose one is to negate the other- or vice versa. We’ve learned each of these things work together..You’ll find this book to be super-informative, as well as ultra-practical. And, we pull stories straight out of the Bible and show you the oils they used- and why….We’ll also show you things like....The guy most likely to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke) was also a doctor. And, the guy who healed a ton of people (Paul), also taught people how to be well….When Jesus sent the disciples out, He didn't just empower them to perform miracles, He also showed them to teach people how to be + live well..And, we’ll discuss rarely-talked about topics like anointing, laying on of hands, and other things we often overlook.

Health & Healing

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