Good Food is Not Enough: A Book You'll Actually Read About 4 Supplements You Should Take Every Day #3 in the Short Books series.


Turns out, your body needs good fuel (and regular maintenance)… just like your car..And, in the same way it’s more cost effective to change the oil and do the routine maintenance on your car than it is to replace the engine, it’s cheaper to invest in better fuel now than it is to “fix” everything that goes awry later on. Plus, the replacement engine never works as good as the first, right?...


In this short book you’ll learn that health costs something. Unhealth, always costs more. Far more..I’ll talk you through a routine you can use every day in order to keep the best fuel in your body, providing it with the nutrients it needs. Plus, we’ll make a few observations along the way about health in general- paradigms that will equip you to make better decisions for you and your family..Why? Because your body is far more precise and marvelous than any vehicle you’ll ever drive around (or even dream about).

Good Food is Not Enough

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