Finding Keto: Lose Weight Fast- Without Going Hungry, Without Growing Tired, & Without Getting Irritable (OilyApp+ Books You'll Actually Read)


Unless you've been living like a hermit for the past few years, you've probably heard of Keto- a "new" diet craze that's en vogue.But Keto isn't new. In fact, the low-carb-high-fat plan of nutrition was actually prescribed by doctors in the U.S. to treat epilepsy and neurological disorders less than a century ago. And it was used throughout Europe to heal degenerative body diseases. So why has it resurged in popularity? And is it right for you?


In Finding Keto, we talk- from firsthand experience- about the nutrition plan that empowers you to lose weight AND works FOR your health. Let's face it: a lot of weight loss programs don't. In some sense, many diet plans for you to choose between losing weight or being healthy. Or between losing weight and starving. Or between losing weight and having more energy. Keto works with your body’s need for fats, enabling you to melt the fat off your body all while having more energy, thinking more clearly, and enriching your mood.


Keto works WITH your body's natural nutrient needs and facilitates rapid weight loss- all while allowing you to NOT go hungry, NOT grow tired, and NOT get irritable. Backed by science and real world experience, Finding Keto outlines practical steps you can take to evaluate if the ketogenic diet is for you, as well as begin the Keto lifestyle immediately.

Finding Keto

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