Essential Oils 101: A Book You'll Actually Read About Young Living's Premium Starter Kit (OilyApp+ Books You'll Actually Read) 


Unless you’ve been hiding like a hermit for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of essential oils. You’ve seen them in stores, you’ve watched parents use them on their kids, and you’ve seen ladies carrying huge clear bags with them prominently displayed. You might have even attended a “house party” and been asked to “sign up.”Geez, you might have an unopened kit sitting atop your fridge or tucked away in the back bedroom. Maybe it even intimidates you!


But what are these oils? And do they really work?In Essential Oils 101- our 6th book you’ll actually read- we go back to the basics. We think the oils are extraordinary, out-of-this-world awesome. But, we make them super-simple and pleasantly practical between the these covers.


We’ll answer all the questions you have, questions like- What are they and do they really work?Is there really a difference between what I can get at the grocery store and what I buy online?Are they safe? And what can they do?As a bonus, we include our proprietary 21 Day Challenge. You can follow along in the book, or you can register online for daily updates delivered to your smartphone. We’ll work with you to break the “Sealed Kit Syndrome” and make sure you know what, how, when, where, and why to use those oils!

Essential Oils 101

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