Ditch & Switch: Drop the toxins, choose healthy alternatives, and live well— without breaking your bank (OilyApp+ Books You'll Actually Read)


Health really is simple— all dis-eases in the body can be traced to toxins (something that shouldn’t be in our system but is) or deficiencies (something that needs to be present but isn’t). We come in contact with a lot of toxins every single day that work to keep us on the “wrong” side of the equation. And, many manufacturers of products we use every day actually “market us” to stay there (Part 1). There are seven categories of toxins with which we interact in our homes almost every day. Ditching them and switching to life-giving alternatives is essential if we want our bodies to function like they’re designed (Part 2).


Thankfully, there are some incredible clues as to which products do what, so we can quickly chop through the clutter.You can financially afford to ditch un-health make the switch to health— you’re ready spending the money, anyway. Moving from un-health to health is simply a matter of re-directing some of the dollars you’re already spending. This book provides you with a few easy steps to make the transition, even providing you with a checklist and a bonus scavenger hunt you can perform in your own home (Part 3).

Ditch & Switch

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