Stress Shield: The best oils + supplements to armor up so you can keep your guard strong & naturally prevent stress from knocking you out!


Let’s be real. No one is exempt from stressors. They are a fact of life. Always have been, always will be.And while we can’t eliminate your stressors, we can show you how to manage stress.Furthermore, we don’t have to wait until it comes and we need that bit of assistance. (I know, for some of us, it’s already too late. That ship has sailed— the stress is here.) Turns out, you can armor up now to increase your health for when your body needs to spring into action later.


(This short book is derived from the social media we created to promote that course— a quick-watch video series that’s an absolute game-changer. Turns out, that course is the first of many that Dr. Jim Bob shot for us when we joined the OilyApp team twelve months ago.)Life is beautiful, but life is also hard. Really hard sometimes. Join us on this quick journey where we discuss the best oils + supplements to support your adrenals and the thyroid, empowering you to armor up for the tough stuff ahead.

Stress Shield

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