Boost: Your Vehicle to Work from Anywhere, Be Well, & Live the Life of Your Dreams (Books You’ll Actually Read Book 12)


4 years of college to work for 40 years and $40,000 every 12 months and be paid 40% of your annual salary for the next few years of retirement sounds abysmal.Yet that’s the dream we’ve been sold.What if there was something better?


What if there really was more? What if you could simply jump off that hamster wheel and do something different, something which doesn’t require you to trade time for money (whether you’re in love with money or not, we can all agree that everyone, everywhere trades time for money in order to pay our bills and purchase the things we need)? And what if you could do that from anywhere- such that you made money while you sleep?What if your “boss” actually worked for you and only succeeded in direct proportion to how well they encouraged, equipped, and empowered you to reach your full potential?


What if most of what we’ve been taught to do is wrong and there really is a better way?In this “book you’ll actually read” we’ll outline a clear strategy that enables you to live + work from anywhere, escape the 9-5, live well, do more good than you’ve ever imagined possible, and bring the people you love the most even closer to you.In other words, we’ll teach you how to escape FROM something so that you can escape TO- or, EMBRACE, all the things that are better.Not a bad deal, right?


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