Advance: From Where You Are to Where You're Designed to Be (OilyApp+ Books You'll Actually Read)


No matter how great things are going OR how bad they are, you're more the the sum of all your highest highs and certainly more valuable than the sum of all the deepest lows...Every situation is temporary- no matter how grand or how empty.


You, on the other hand, are eternal. Full of glory. And ready to shine. So what if we could step back, and plan a way to get from where we are to where we know we’re designed to be- in every area of life? What if we could create a simple tool to help us navigate? Turns out, we can…“The ladder” we outline in Advance is precisely that- your instrument, your GPS, for life. We’ll connect where you are to your destiny. Yes, we’ll dream.


In this book we'll also climb up all five rungs of the ladder. We'll discuss WHAT (your big idea), HOW (your implementation strategy), WHY (the inner drive, your heart, the inspiration), WHO (the people with whom you're connected, interdependent), and YOU (your unique individuality).We’ll craft it in such a way that it all fits, that it all make sense, and that it moves you from where you are to where you're designed to be.And, we’ll outline five essential oils to support that journey.


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